9 of 2023’s Landscaping Trends

9 of 2023’s Landscaping Trends

Has spring’s arrival spurred you on to upgrade your backyard. Get inspired by 2023’s top trends.

Colours, the choice in furnishings and materials, decor styles … a wide range of options are available this year. Here are some ideas to help you achieve not only the outdoor space you want, but one that also meets your needs.

Modern Fire Pits

Gas fire tables (a low table with a small fire pit in the centre) come is a variety of contemporary styles. They are one of the few backyard components you can use in all seasons. This is why you should invest in a higher-end model that you can enjoy it for years to come.


The Environment First

An increasing number of homeowners want to do their part in the fight against climate change. Evidence of such efforts can be seen in the yard, where there is a growing interest in recycled materials, permeable pavers, and other green elements for a fully eco-friendly landscape design.


Bringing Indoor Living Outside

Since 2020, there has been a resurgence in creating welcoming outdoor spaces designed to maximize the time we spend outside. Fire pits surrounded by cozy seating, exterior kitchens and cushioned garden furniture are making a strong comeback this year. You can recreate a real living room—including furnishings, decor, and even a television—in your backyard! 


Tech at Your Fingertips

Whether it’s a screen in the gazebo or an automated lighting system, technology occupies a prominent place in landscaping this year. Don’t hesitate to install a sound system and sophisticated lighting in your backyard, all while respecting your neighbours’ peace and tranquility, of course.

Stand Out Chairs

There is no better way of making an impactful change in your backyard without leaving a dent in your wallet than by purchasing distinctive garden chairs. Acapulco and Adirondack chairs, both available in a multitude of colours, are perennial favourites. Whether your style is more modern/eccentric (Acapulco) or traditional/rustic (Adirondack), adding this type of seating will give your outdoor space the wow factor you are looking for.


An Emphasis on Curved Lines

This 2023 home decor trend is going outside. Curved lines, in furniture, paving stones and accessories, will be all the rage this summer. Ideas for integrating this trend into your backyard include lanterns, string lights, rounded chairs, tables with S-shaped legs, etc.

A Patio Full of Plants

Containers are everywhere this year. Whether your aesthetic is zen and natural, with stone pots, or you prefer modern farmhouse decor with galvanized metal containers, potted plants will take over patios in 2023. This includes potted miniature fruit trees, decorative herbs and even flowers. Depending on the look you want, all these plants can help you preserve your privacy, add a splash of colour or a hint of refinement to your outdoor space.

Gentle Colours

Are you pleased to see the return of so-called feminine colours for summer? Flowers typically used in Victorian-era gardens, such as roses, peonies and hydrangeas are quite fashionable again. These flowers, which usually come in pink, violet, blue and white hues, soften the garden’s overall ambiance, an effect heightened by combining them with climbing vines or by planting them against a brick wall. 


Traditional vegetable gardens continue to be popular. This year, we are also seeing many suspended or raised planters that make the most of vertical space while acting as a privacy screen.


Which outdoor decor trend are you most excited to integrate into your backyard this summer?

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